Midsummer 2020

  • Launch of new-look website  with all links checked and updated. Seek and ye shall find.

  • A couple of extra articles by me, were added and I updated my bio.

  • More information and pictures of John Upton and Dave Johnson

  • Some updating of information throughout.

Aug 2020 - Added an article about the Coven of Atho to the Charles Cardell page

Oct 2020 - Fleshing out the bones! Integrated audio and video clips and added a Historical Documents archive.

Jan 2021 - Added Doreen Valientes Scrapbook collection to Historical Documents and separated out the collections onto their own pages.

July 2021 - Added image of a chalice used by Charles Clark and his personal salt and water receptacles. Also letters from Gerald Gardner to Charles and a new one from Ray Bone to Charles.