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Doreen Valiente's Scrapbooks
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This is a collection of over 100 scrapbooks containing articles and clippings fastidiously collected by Doreen Valiente. They roughly cover the time period between 1950 to 1990 and it was Doreen's intention for them to be shared.

These newspaper articles are reproduced here in good faith as “Fair dealing” relating to research, study, and news reporting. They are a very important collection of archive material not available for open study elsewhere, and their reproduction does not affect the market of the originals, nor the revenue of the author. This is a non profit research site, and no commercial gain has been made by their publication. I am grateful to Doreen Valiente for her careful collation of this material for future generations,  to Graham King for digitizing it, and to  Melissa Harrington for providing access to the collection. 

Click here to access the entire Scrapbook collection via my Google Drive

NB: If you log-in or create a Google account, you should be able to 'search' them. Google Drive uses Optical Character Recognition and is pretty accurate with print articles.

​This document lists some of the more interesting articles chronologically (Many thanks to Rupert White editor of Boscastle's Museum of Witchcraft and Magic journal Enquiring Eye)

Any issues - please contact me

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