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Here Be Magick

The People and Practices of the Coven of Atho

by Melissa Seims

“I find two things especially appealing about this book. The first is the excellence of the research, by which so many details have been painstakingly retrieved concerning the people and rites concerned. The second is the author's readiness to see the best in those people, and to bring out their value and significance to the reader.”

Ronald Hutton

“The author’s unequalled, thorough and wide-ranging research techniques in both archives and personal contact are much to be admired and have uncovered the truth behind some of the most enigmatic characters to be found in the history of modern magic and witchcraft, and their association with the mysterious Coven of Atho.”

Philip Heselton

It is rare to find a witchcraft book with something new to say, but "Here Be Magick" does exactly that...

Jonathan  (Click here to read the rest of this review on AMAZON )


Softback (568 pages) :  £19.99 (P&P £3.75 within the UK)

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Limited First Edition of 42 Hardbacks (all hand-signed, numbered, stamped and containing a pressed leaf from Cardell's Inner Grove):  £32.99 (P&P £3.75 within the UK)  Sorry - all  limited 42 copies now sold


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Here Be Magick includes appendices by authors Shani Oates and Peter Stockinger.


This compelling account of eccentricity and Witchcraft in the 1950s and 60s revolves around two principal characters: ‘Rex Nemorensis’ (Charles Cardell), son of an internationally famous Victorian stage magician, and Ray Howard, owner of the Head of Atho – a representation of the Horned God of the Witches reputedly over 2000-years-old.

From the luxury of his country estate, Cardell trod his own unique path of modern Witchcraft, the reality of which was effectively put on trial in a High Court libel case brought against a major newspaper, following an article by two reporters who had hidden near Charles’ sacred Grove. What they witnessed, would change Cardell’s life forever.

This book, based on new research, explores their fascinating lives and examines their writings and relationships with other witches including Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente.

For the first time, the writings of the Coven of Atho are reproduced. They reveal its previously hidden gems and provide a workable form of Witchcraft blended with Druidic influences.

The glistening strands of this story are woven into the larger history of the origins of modern Witchcraft in Britain. Here be Magick…


'Little Red' with eyebeams and bedtime reading (Photo thanks to Jon)

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