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Basement Flat...

September 14th 1964

Dear Charles, 

Many thanks for your letter. Glad to hear from you again and yes I’m still very much with you.

I had hoped to meet Gerard Noel before writing this but I haven’t managed it yet so will have to rely on what others say and he is generally very well liked.

I suppose you have seen the first copy of the ‘Witchcraft Research Associations’ printed newsletter ‘Pentagram’. Old Cardell is doing his nut with jealousy over it!

I suppose too that you now know Cardell has revealed himself in his true colours at last by publishing a most scurrilous attack upon the Craft and everyone in it in his pamphlet ‘Witch’? It is so bad that I happen to know that ‘Prediction’ has refused to advertise it and I believe ‘Fate’ has too. I wrote to them that the thing was defamatory which may have had something to do with their refusal.

I warned you a long time ago about Cardell now you can see that I spoke the truth. I am sorry to say that Geralds erstwhile friend Margaret Bruce has her advertisement appearing in Cardells book too. (It is a cross between a book and a pamphlet -actually he had to print and publish it himself because on his own admission, no one else would touch it.)

In a way, however, it is a good thing he has published it because no one now can be under any illusions about the sort of person he is. Also his virulent attack upon Gerald, three months after Geralds death (the book came out in May) has so disgusted everyone I know who has read it that their reaction has been against Cardell and in favour of the Craft. Also because of this disgusting book the Craft is now more united than it has been before.

Ray Bone wrote me a nice letter and we have now met several times. I think she is a very sincere intelligent person, and I am now satisfied that the stories I had heard against her, about her being responsible for the ‘News Of The World’ attacks on the Craft etc etc are absolutely baseless and were spread about by interested parties who wanted to discredit her. She has also conveyed to me a friendly message from Jack Bracelin and I sent one back in return.

The only people who have so far refused to join in and close the ranks are Olwen and Loic. I sent them a long letter telling them how we are getting together in the face of Cardells attack and asking them if they would agree to forget past differences and declare unity of purpose with us. That was about two months ago but I am disappointed that they have so far not replied.

I feel sure that you will be glad to hear that the idea you put forward has in fact come to fruition. It doesn’t mean that we all have to think alike, but it is in fact the old traditional way in which the Craft governed itself.

There was overall unity of purpose but each coven had its own officers and did things in its own way – like the old Congregational churches as old Gerald used to say.

Yes I read in the ‘Sunday Express’ about the affair in the church ruins – is this the one you mean? There was another in London and another in Guildford, Surrey. The black magic merchants seem to have woken up again.

I never hear anything about Wilson Jones except a report in the paper that he’s got married to some Austrian (Australian?) girl called Ingrid.

What is the trouble that R.D.K. (is it?) is in? I don’t get what you mean.

I hope you health is better and things are looking up for you I know you had a very bad patch.

Blessed be

Doreen Valiente.

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